Saturday, October 8, 2011

Temple 52, Tipton 6

Temple played conference foe Tipton at Tipton Oct 7, 2011.
End of 1st quarter Temple 24 - Tipton 0.
End of 2nd quarter Temple 44 - Tipton 0
Game over with 8;23 left in 3rd quarter by mercy rule, Temple 52 - Tipton 6.
Temple scores ; 80 yd TD run, 12 yd TD run, 65 yd TD run, 1 yd TD run, 79 yd TD run, 16 yd TD run, 64 yd TD run.
Temple is rated #4 in state and Tipton #7.  Some writers had Tipton picked to win.  Either Tipton is
over rated or Temple is under rated because Tipton could not move the ball or stop Temple.
Temple looked great on both offense and defense. No one expected a score like this.
Next week Temple will play Grandfield at Temple and it will be an easy game.


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