Saturday, October 8, 2011

Temple 60, Thackerville 6

Temple played conference foe Thackerville at Temple Sept 30, 2011.
End of 1st quarter Temple 38 - Thackerville 0.
Game over at end of 2nd quarter by mercy rule. Temple 60 - Thackerville 6.
Temple scoring; 47 yd TD run, 27 yd TD run, 54 yd TD run, 20 yd TD pass, 50 yd TD run,
60 yd TD run 61 yd TD run 50 yd TD run.
Thackerville had no defense, Temple run a total of 15 plays and scored 8 TD's.
Next week Temple will play Tipton at Tipton and it will be a really tough game.


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