Saturday, November 19, 2011

2nd Round Playoff: Temple 34, Timberlake 22

Temple played Timberlake in second round playoff game at Temple 11/18/11.
End of first quarter Temple 0 - Timberlake 8.
End of 2nd quarter Temple 22 - Timberlake 22.
End of 3rd quarter Temple 28 - Timberlake 22.
End of 4th quarter Temple 34 - Timberlake 22.

Temple scoring: 4yd TD run, 64 yd TD run, 46 yd TD pass,11 yd TD run,3 yd TD run.
Temple will play Shattuck next week in semi-final game at netural site and time to be determined later.

Previously undefeated DC-Lamont ( last years State Champ and ranked no. 1 ) was knocked off by Tipton 13-12 and now Temple is the only unfeated team in  Class "C".

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