Saturday, September 25, 2010

Temple 50, Cement 0

Friday Sept 24, 2010 -- Temple played district foe Cement tonight at Temple.
End of 1st quarter Temple 22 - Cement 0.
End of 2nd quarter Temple 44 - Cement 0.
Game over with 11:44 left in 3rd quarter by "MERCY RULE". Temple 50 - Cement 0.

Unofficial highlights:
  • Nic Brown 14 yd TD run -20 yd TD pass- 85 yd KO return.
  • Aaron Holden 15 yd TD run-53 yd TD pass interception return.
  • Kyle Baze 62 yd TD pass.
  • Cody Littles 51 yd TD run.
Next week Temple plays Thackerville at Thackerville.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Temple 50, Duke 0

(Friday, Sept 17, 2010) -- Temple High School played district foe Duke at Duke tonight.

End of 1st quarter Temple 36 - Duke 0.
End of 2nd quarter Temple 50 -Duke 0. Game over account "MERCY RULE".

Temple scored four touchdowns in the first five plays.

Unofficial highlights
  • Aaron Holden 40 yd TD run - 20 yd TD run - 46 yd TD run.
  • Garrett Thompson 85 yd TD run - 52 yd TD pass.
  • Nic Brown 49 yd TD pass.
  • Kyle Baze 53 yd TD pass.

Next week Temple plays Cement at Temple.




Monday, September 13, 2010

Pictures Worth 103 Years

John Gower's nieces shared photos from his 103rd birthday celebration.

Four generations of Gowers: John's daughter-in-law Camilia; John; Camilia's daughter Clarke and her 11-month-old daughter Leila.

John Gower

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oldest Alum Celebrates 103 Years: John Gower

I received this from Renee, Thad Gower's daugther and niece of John Gower:

Temple Alumni's oldest dues paying member John Gower celebrated his 103rd birthday on Friday, Sept. 9,  in Ponca City, Oklahoma. John has outlived all of his immediate family: brothers, Ray, Glen, and Thad; six sisters, Neva Mae Bowers, Irene Gower, Lillian Goodwin, Billie Worsham, Marie Murrell, and Rita Cox; his 2 children, and his wife who was 104 when she died a couple of years ago. John's mind remains alert but his eyes are failing. He recently moved to an assisted living center in Ponca City. where a celebration was held in his honor.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Homecoming Dedicated to Christy Lewis

Christy Lewis
The Temple Homecoming parade and halftime at Friday's football game were dedicted to Christy Lewis, a Temple teacher of 25 years who died July 13 at the age of 50. Christy's daughter, Lindsey Lewis Calhoun, led the parade in a convertible driven by Lindsey's father Kyle, and she was in half time ceremony.

Temple 68, Mountain View/Gotebo 22

Temple, Okla. (Friday Sept 10, 2010)-- Temple High School played District foe Mountain View/Gotebo at Temple.

End of 1st quarter Temple 36 - Mt View/Gotebo 6
End of 2nd quarter Temple 50 - Mt View/ Gotebo 14.
Game over at 1:55 left in 3rd quarter by "Mercy rule". Temple 68 -Mt View /Gotebo 22.

Highlights (unofficial)
Kyle Baze 30 yd TD pass-
23 yd TD pass-
20 yd td pass interception.

Aaron Holden 4 yd TD run-
40 yd TD run-
60 yd TD pass interception-
80 yd KO return.
Nick Brown 26 yd TD run.
Cody Littles 44 yd TD run-
26 yd TD run.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Tigers Season Opener: Temple 60, Alex 30

Friday Sept 3, 2010. THS kicked off 2010 football season tonight.
Class "C" Temple played class "B" Alex at Temple tonight. First half looked like either team could win but in the second half Temple pulled away for it's first victory of the season.

End of 1st Quarter Alex 16 - Temple 14.
End of 2nd quarter Alex 24 - Temple 30.
End of 3rd quarter Alex 24 - Temple 52.
End of 4th quarter Alex 30 - Temple 60.

Bill Ille

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Temple Tiger Football Legend by Jerry Fetters

Temple Tiger football season is upon us again. This is a football legend about a powerful Temple Tiger kicker during the 1953 season. At that time Temple was able to have both varsity and junior varsity football teams. It was too long ago for me to recall how the splits were made officially but even in hindsight it is clear that the better more experienced players were on the varsity and we others made up the junior varsity. We JV players didn’t get much playing time on the Friday night games so we had a few games scheduled for Thursday nights. One such game was against Frederick JV. It was a cold and windy night. The JV players were taken to Frederick on one of the school buses. Our head coach J.D. Lynch also went along to coach the JV team even though he had a varsity game the next night.

Being responsible high school students we were lectured on being sure that we took all of our equipment with us. We arrived in Frederick and changed from our street clothes to our Temple football uniforms and shoes. At least those of us who took all of complete uniforms changed into them. We went onto the field and prepared to kick off. Our kicker goes onto the field with one street shoe on his right foot and barefoot on his left foot. He kicks off and does reasonable well for such an equipment deprived football player. He smilingly trots off the field, Coach Lynch then calls Bobby Graybill aside and as Bobby tells the story, “really ate his rear about where were his shoes.” Bobby confessed that he had forgotten his football shoes and in the tension filled confusion he had also lost one of his street shoes. Coach Lynch told him to go to the bench and set for the rest of the game.

Bobby says, "It was so cold and I had nothing else to lose so after the half I just left the field and went to the bus where it had to be warmer." Being such a critical player, Coach Lynch never noticed his absence. Bobby got on the cold bus and decided to start the bus and turn on the heater. The heater was not very powerful but better than being outside. The cheerleaders saw Bobby on the bus and the bus running and they all drifted towards the bus one at a time. Bobby said he was in “hog heaven” being on the bus with all the cheerleaders. All of a sudden he looked at the gas gauge and it showed under a quarter tank. Bobby quickly shuts off the engine. After the game the team loaded onto the bus to head back to Temple. As we were starting out of town the driver noticed the gas gauge. Guess what?? No stations were open after 9:00PM. Bobby was in big trouble with both Coach Lynch and the bus driver. One hour later the bus driver had called a service station owner who reluctantly came and provided gas to the departing Temple Tigers and their former kicker. After that game, it was mutually decided between Bobby and Coach Lynch that Bobby would no longer participate in football. Thus the University of Oklahoma and probably some NFL pro team were eventually deprived of his prowess as a kicker.