Sunday, June 19, 2011

Temple Class of 1925 in 1925 and 1975

Photographs of the Temple Class of 1925 in 1925 and 1975 from the Temple History Museum collection. Both photos were taken in front of the Tandy house.

Seated: Ruth Haney, Tim Maxwell, Ethel Smith, Dan Mccoy, Irene Bowers

Second Row: Homer Jones, Katy Page, Walter Graham, Delilah Worsham, Cal S. Malven, Snowie Spurlock, Jess Carty, Pauline Camp

Back: Mrs. Eleanor Graves (sponsor), Kermit Jones, Gladys Parks, Oplis Spurlock, Alda Burt Rankin, Jack Meeker, Cannie Spurlock, John Gower, Othello King, Edd Page, Grace Magee, Ray Gower, Lucille Collins.
Front: Walter Graham, Ruth Haney Jarrett, Cannie Spurlock Goodwin, Tim Maxwell, Dan McCoy, Lucille Collins Minnick.

Back: Eleanor Graves (sponsor), Gladys Parks Purvis, Oplis Spurlock, Jack Meeker, Othello King Hooker, John Gower, Edd Page, Grace McGee Jemison Thurman, Roy Gower.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

1965 Temple Tigers Football

The 1965 Tigers were undefeated, 10-0. This is one of many photos and artifacts displayed at the Temple History Museum. The Walters Class of 1969 had a reunion at Temple's Rockin' H restaurant on Saturday and then visited the museum.

Taylor the Tailor

Robert J. Taylor in his tailor shop in Temple, Oklahoma, about 1915. Photo donated to the Temple History Museum by W.A. Yielding.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Temple's oldest Alumni member has passed away.

John Gower passed away April 23rd at the age of 103 in Ponca City, Ok. John was the last surviving member of the 10 Gower children who grew up in the Temple community.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Barber Shop 1929

A photo from the Temple History Museum shows the Barber Shop in Temple in 1929. Chair 1 barber Charlie McBride, customer Wendell Sparks; chair 2 barber ?, customer Lew Wit; chair 3 barber William L. Burton; chair 4 barber Osa Wilson.

The museum features artifacts, historical photographs, stories from its 1902 origins to boomtown days. It is open 1:30-5pm Saturdays, 205 S Commercial, Temple, Oklahoma, or by appointment. "Like" this on Facebook:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Temple's Majestic Theatre 1947/1948 Sinbad

Here's a photo from the Temple Museum, which is open on weekends or by appointment. The Majestic Theatre in Temple about 1948: Norman Jean Reece puts down her dime to see "Sinbad the Sailor." L.D. Burns, the last owner of the Majestic, takes the dime from inside the ticket booth. J.R. Glasgow may be the other person in the booth.