Saturday, December 11, 2010

Temple History Museum Update

Here's an update on the Temple History Museum sent to supporters:

Our dream of a museum to preserve the history of the Temple community is coming true thanks to support from the worldwide Temple community. The Temple History Museum will have an informal opening tonight (Dec. 11) when it is part of the Temple Chamber of Commerce Christmas Home Tour.  A formal opening will come later.

I’m writing this letter to seek continued support from Temple residents and others who have an interest in preserving the history of Temple and its families. We need your financial support to operate, maintain and expand the museum collection, which will include a file for every family for which we have information.  These files may be used by our descendents for generations to come.

About four years ago Jay Driskill donated the old cleaners building for the museum.  Since then, we have spent $26,000 cash and hundreds of hours upgrading the building, installing eye-catching murals outside and displaying our current collection inside.  Local response has been very positive.
We’re looking for your support to continue. No gift is too small or too large.  There are several levels of memberships:  Diamond $25,000; Platinum $10,000; Gold $3,000; Silver $1500; Bronze $500; Lifetime $250; Family $35; Individual $25.

           Do you have stocks that are paying very little dividends and capital gains tax on selling would be high?  You could create a charitable gift annuity with the Temple Museum Association, which might work to benefit both you and the museum for generations to come.

           The Temple Museum Association is a tax code 501 (c)(3) entity,  which means CONTRIBUTIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE.  Please send contributions to the Temple Museum Association,
P. O. Box 234, Temple, OK
73568. Questions?  Call 580-342-6930 or e-mail.


Harold Powell

Look for 'Temple History Museum' page on Facebook

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Fw: Bedlam countdown: No. 5 - 1958 | NewsOK Videos

Shared by Vickie Nowlin
This is my friend Myrna, whose deceased husband played for OU.   Harold, did you know him?  You played for OU before him, I suppose.  Jim (Lawrence?????)  Myrna remarried and I have only recently found out her first husband played ball.    Lawrence may not be his name.   

This is from a note that I sent to my 2 Sons earlier.  I am trying to share stories of my life with their Dad so they will have them to remember when I can no longer remember them...which may be any day now. :)
The Daily Oklahoman ran a series last week on Countdown to Bedlam.showing
the Top 10 Faves, over the years.  In 5th place, in their estimation, but
#1, in mine, was the 1958 Game, Jim's Senior Season.  We had been beaten
only by Texas, and only by one point. We were still smarting from that.  We COULD NOT let A & M beat us.We OWNED the Big 7 and they were in the lowly

The game stayed tied 0-0 through 3 quarters and everyone's nerves were on edge.  All of the wives sat together in a special section and we always left the game a little early to get down in the end zone or exit, or wherever the
team headed, after the game.  We sat there and sat there, and actually stayed too long.  We finally left our seats and headed to the designated area for meetin' and greetin' our guys. It was still nuthin' to nuthin' and we had to push through a crowd that was on their feet, just to get to the ramp.

We were actually running around the outside of the stadium when we heard all sorts of celebratory sounds from inside the know the drill.  We didn't know what had happened, but we knew that
something BIG had.  Just as we got to the gate, the crowd started pouring out and Duane Moses, one of Jim's Sayre HS team mates saw me and ran over and picked me up and threw me up in the air.(I was teeny tiny then! :) ) and said we had won.  Later, in what seemed like FOREVER, The Happy Sooners came out and there were Hugs all around.  I soon learned that Jim had been a Hero, of sorts, opening the hole for Bobby Boyd to go through for the winning TD.  Ah, Yes.those were the days!