Tuesday, December 30, 2008

B&O Cash Store 1944

This photo came from the son of Billy Joe Largent (third from left on front row). Largent passed away in 1975 at the age of 49. He graduated from Temple high school in 1945.

Here's how we identified the B&O Cash Store employees in the photo:
(Standing L-R) Janelle Lovelace, Cecil Keeter, Ed Hutchen, Mr. Murnell, Orvel Grimsley, Opal Hayse, Hi Watkins, Lucille Morman, Dorothy Wampler, Bill Glasgow, S. B. Keeter, Carl Reed, Mildred Murnell, Emma Grimes, Mamie Rodolph, Anabelle Coover, Ermal Dawson, Kattie _____, ________. (front) Eddie Thompson, Puck Morman, Billy Joe Largent, Doyle Watkins, Bully Sanders, Bobby Thompson, Clarence Glasgow, Charles Sparks, Mason Stogner, Elise Bills, Elmer Smith.

If you get this by email, you can go to the blog and click on the photo to see a larger version. www.templetribune.blogspot.com.

--Harold Powell

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Letter From 1907

Researching my family geneaology, we learned the Powell family came to Oklahoma from Giles County, Tenneseee. My cousin, Kathy Brown Frusher (THS Class of '67) is a member of the Giles County Historical Society. She sent this letter from the society's files, which indicates several Temple families have roots in Tennessee, particularly Giles County.

The letter to The Pulaski (Tenn.) Citizen, was originally published Sept. 12, 1907, and signed by a Mrs. A.B. Henderson, Whitt, Texas. The inside address is Temple, Okla., Aug. 20, 1907, Mr. J.H. Burrow, Lynnville, Tenn.

Kind Sir:

You once knew me. I was then living near Campbell Station where my husband, J.H.F. Henderson died in the year 1884. I have your write up of his sickness and death, also a very comforting personal letter from you telling of the fast friendship and similarity between yourselves. Among other things you spoke of the probability of you, as well as he, having pulmonary trouble. I am glad to see you have withstood it.

My daughter and myself are visiting M.L.Henderson of Temple, Oklahoma.
You know something of his hospitable home, how good cheer and freedom reign. On Sunday, Aug. 18, at this home, some one sprung this question, "How many first saw the light of day in old Giles county?" Not one in the circle numbering eight but claimed it as their native county. It seems a little unusual that not another person was seated among us but the ones mentioned. Below I will give the names:

Mr. and Mrs M.L. Henderson former of Lynnville, Mr. and Mrs. Luther
Woodard of Buford, James Cameron of Lynnville, Mrs. Tom Caruthers of
Campbellsville, (the names of the ones above now live at Temple, Oklahoma), Holland Thompson of Lynnville, now of Whitesboro, Texas, Mrs. A.B. Henderson of Fountain Creek, but now of Mutt, Texas.

If none of your readers have ever left their own native land, they cannot realize how pleasant this meeting was. So they all voted we should write you of the pleasant occasion, and how our minds ran back to you all, and to many dear ones who rest in the city of the dead.

In mentioning the incident you would probably interest many who knew us there. We will thank both you and the "Citizen" for the printing of the article.

Joe Knox of Lynnville also lives near Temple, as well as many other Tennesseans.

Mrs. A.B. Henderson
Whitt, Texas

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Temple Cemetery Maintenance

Jerry Fetters requested information about the status of care of Temple Cemetery.

The Temple Cemetery Association was formed in 1944 by Kenneth Beasley, Dan McCoy and Alton Moore for the purpose of improving the care and assuring future care of the cemetery.

Current Association Directors are Jack Jackson (President), Buddy Hooper, Dian Smith (Secy-Treas), Chris Lipscomb and Lori Hedges. George Kindred, President for several years now serves as manager of the Veterans Memorial which was promoted by Clyde McClenny and erected in 1998 to highlight veterans buried in the cemetery. No charge for adding names to the memorial.

A caretaker is employed to maintain the cemetery at a monthly salary of $1200. The past year total expense was $15,535. Total income for the year was $18,883. The association has $222,000 maintenance fund in certificates of deposits ($200,000 of this was recently donated by the estate of Audrey Wilkinson). Plus $3506 in a checking account and $22,951 in interest bearing HIFI account. The association also has $117,400 perpetual care fund in certificates of deposit (donor restrictions allow that only the interest may be spent). Declining interest rates and a recent decline in contributions will necessitate taking from the maintenance fund principal.

Jack Jackson says that new chat was recently added to the streets and plans are to install street signs. The cemetery is well groomed. Current funds may allow for several years of continued high care. However contributions are needed to guarantee perpetual care.
--Harold Powell

Bob Mooney House Burns

Another fire in Temple. Fire severely damaged the grand old Bob Mooney house in Temple last week. Owner Gloria Mooney says she was awakened by fire and smoke alarms about 2 a.m. on Tuesday, December 16. She opened her bedroom door and was hit by a wall of smoke. She immediately called the Temple Volunteer Fire Department, which arrived promptly and took control of the fire, which had started on the second floor. It seems the fire started from an electrical problem. Gloria says that many antiques were ruined by the fire and smoke. She plans to restore the house to as much of the original style as possible.
Gloria is staying with her daughter Lori and says that everytime she goes to the old house she finds something else ruined. This is the second catstrophe of property from an electrical source in Temple recently. The other was the Sands Motel.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More Musical Memories from Temple High School

Here's an exchange between Annette Waller Keeter and her brother, Bob Waller, continuing memories of days in the Temple band:

I have been trying to remember who all played in that band you had when you were in high school. Dean Miller played the tuba. I THINK you and Jimmy Harper played guitars. Was there someone else? I know Reeda Jean Monroe sang some.
You were called something like the four sharps and a flat.

Bob’s reply:
It was Keith Michael, Reeda Jean Monroe, Coach Dean Miller and me. It was called 3 Sharps and a Flat. We used to practice at Carl Harpers house. That's where Jimmy and Chester lived. Since we didn't drink, we didn't sound better the longer we played so we went home early lots of nights. Dean Miller was a "hoot" at those practices. Keith was always trying to get us more serious. I guess he thought we were going to be good. Jimmy and Chester were getting pretty good. Our careers were cut short by graduating and going on the harvest.

Anette also reminded me about the men's quartet:
The quartet was me (Harold Powell), Joe Knox, Vonden Richardson and Raymond Nail. It had a short life – one performance. I can’t recall if it was at the last assembly or graduation. We sang, “Want No Silver Threads Among the Gold, Be My Life’s Companion and We’ll Never Grow Old”, and “Rag Time Cowboy Joe”.